Saturday, July 9, 2011

cheers to a self-congragulatory websphere

Dear Friends! 
I'm going to make a very short and hopefully sweet post for you, but there are more exciting things to come very soon. There have been many happenings in my life over the past 6 months, that would be far too complicated and time consuming to write about. They are currently being expressed through 3 major (or minor depending on the day) projects I'm working on right now. They are as follows:

I've set several goals for myself. I have a deadline. This is probably the least exciting to you of the three "majors", but trust that it is monumental for me. Dealing with issues in mustering enough emotional and creative dexterity to actually start and finish a project has been my life as an artist thus far. I'm sure some of you can relate.

Next, I've become a beginner jazz music enthusiast. I found this book to get my feet a little wet. And of course the musical genius of my husband is always there to fall back on. I've already gotten about 40 records in mind that are going on every birthday and Christmas wish list for the next few years.

Lastly, but most certainly not least, I've been learning bass guitar. I have high hopes to also learn the upright bass and get into some jazz. I have blisters and I refuse to practice a lot of the time. But for some reason, I love it and its aloud me plenty of opportunity to collaborate with my husband and other musician friends. 
One of which is Hunter Stewart, whom just a few minutes ago put the finishing touches on his bandcamp webiste so that everyone can listen to the 5 songs that were just recorded in my living room over the past 2 weeks. I highly recommend checking out this music. The songs are beautiful, the sound is magical, and the artist is my dear friend. 

Here is his website with a free album download!

I also did a few sketches for the track/album art work. 

You all are lovely! Go make some art and I'll see you back here real soon.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Millie takes a Walkies

Would it be really cheesy if I started this post by saying, wow I haven't blogged since last year? Guess it's too late now. 
I'll be honest and say that I don't feel like 2k10 was as productive for me as I'd hoped, artistically at least. But I have made some strides towards goals that have been looming like dark rain clouds over my head. Can't see any light yet, but the hope of light is good enough for me.  We moved to Austin, I'm applying to school, and making plans to travel and see the world. I'm breathing in as much of life as possible.  I'm also completely avoiding making any new years resolutions. Those are not for me. I do what I do and change when I please, or in the extreme case of needing to. I'm trying to be a YES person. *snickers at the cliche and absurdity*. 
Joel and I ended last year with a little Christmas present gift/project for all of our good friends and family. This was something we thought of on a whim. And it kind of shows that we executed it on a whim as well..but we think it's really cool and was a lot of fun. It's a stop motion animation of a girl with a dog head named Millie. Joel wrote the music and recorded it. He invited our good friend and Cellist to accompany his guitar part and wrote a beautiful and simple song. I came up with "Millie" by not so cleverly drawing our dog, who coincidentally is named Millie, and putting her head on a girls body. She's meant to be an awkwardly tall and lanky lad, but for some reason has been mistaken for a pregnant woman by a few people. She is pencil and ink on card stock paper, and not so neatly sewn together with needle and thread. I created the doll and took the sequence of photographs, and Joel did all of the film editing. We didn't have much time, as we were trying to finish this to present as a gift to our families by Christmas. We used a cheap digital camera and free film software from the internet, so it's a little squashed and distorted, but made with lots of love. We fully intend on sending Millie out into the world, and making more and more stop animations with her. I'm thinking a life size foam board Millie goes to the big city.. But I'll talk more about that another time.
Here's a few photos of the drawings and a you tube link to the video.

 At first we were going to film her on this lamp shade. But it didn't really work out, so we used the hardwood floor instead. Only a minor set back, but I'm thinking we'll do something with this is the future.

I was going to draw each position individually. But then I learned that that would be ridiculous so I made a version of her that would have movable joints. Thus the sewing.

Here is a link to the video on youtube. 

I hope you enjoy this. We had a lot of fun making it together. We are so lucky to be a husband and wife that can create and collaborate together. Here is a link to Joel's tumblr where he will soon be posting music scores, recordings, and projects he is working on himself. Hidden Hymnal. I hope that this year brings love and creativity to all of you.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Elisa flies up to the clouds and back down again with her brothers"

The Wild Swans is one of the most beautiful and almost tragic fairy tale I've ever read, about a fearsome girl who knits sweaters of nettles for her brothers. Please Please, find it and read it. Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales and Stories was one of the first books I can remember checking out at the school library. I can very clearly remember the feeling I got when I sat on a bench by myself during recess, obsessing over the illustrations and running to show my teachers that I could read the big words like "immortal" and "considerable" and "lavished". I just spent an hour reading and looking at pictures again and felt the need to share. 

"Elisa flies up to the clouds and back down again with her brothers"

Also, and these are not completely but mostly unrelated, We've watched bits and pieces of this film and it's really cool. Maybe you'll think so too.

Er.. and now I need to get off of the internet and go make something. It's been invading my every spare minute I can't stop!  until next time friends.

Monday, October 4, 2010

"Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town"

It's been tough times lately. Along with the usual feelings of relief, and the rumpus of all the holidays, Fall tends to bring along a little bit of nostalgic gloom and regret. But it's good for us, I suppose.

"Broke'' keeps knockin' on the front door, and never forgets to bring his friends, J.P. Morgan and Chase.  Working all the time, ain't got no time left to waste, I say. I'm also convinced that everyone who's ever worked in a screen printing shop must be severely affected by the amount of chemicals they're using, or else they wouldn't be so crazy. A jobs a job though, right?

Had to say goodbye to a dear friend this weekend. He's one of the best men I've ever met. An unrivaled soul, golden to its core. Sad times when he's gone, but we all know nothing can stay the same. 

Joel opened pandora's box the form of dozens of useless trinkets, empty cd cases, and a few misplaced treasures. Guess we can consider our house officially unpacked. 

I'm posting some pictures of a few things I've been working on, but bare with me, I'm using my iPhone. Haven't been able to get my hands on a good camera lately. *makes mental Christmas wishlist*

Been doing a little painting. Getting really frustrated, and wishing I had some old white guy peaking over my shoulder or slapping my hand with a rod. That would make it so much easier... I think. 

faceless humanoids and old wine bottles

Got this old violin case from a garage sale. Its got shiny velvet blue interior. Works a lot better than old coffee cans, I must say.

Found my late brother's highschool ring. It instigated lots of feelings. Unnecessary to discuss, but overwhelming, all the same.

On that note, congratulations to my sweet big brother who had a baby September 17th and named him after Dustin Ray. I love my family, all of them. In all there states and places and times. No one should take their families for granted. Your ill-treatments and heartaches are easily forgiven, so find kindness and pardon in your own hearts or you'll never know love.

Life's a strange, strange bird. And even sometimes, you're sitting with your friends and you look up at the night sky and see three bright phoenix's floating along and you wonder, of course.. or maybe you just don't know.

Keep listening to Pearl Jam and reading my blog. I've got lots more to say and show. 


Saturday, September 18, 2010

What big teeth you have!

No matter how hard I try, this little girl won't go away. So I'm going to keep her. I'm going to sharpen my teeth and show her the big bad wolf. And what I mean by that, of course, is I'm going draw the hell out of her. And paint her, and shape her until she returns deep into my subconscious and is replaced with another memory for me to oblige. 

On a different note, I've been having a great day. We stayed up into the wee hours of the night chatting with friends on the back porch. The moon was beautiful, the air was cool, and we'd just stuffed ourselves with pan per du, eggs, and jimmy dean sausage. Woke up late late late this morning, watched a few episodes of The IT Crowd and got straight to creative madness. Its great because I don't have to put on headphones or anything, I've got a husband making music in the next room.

I started a little project, but I can't post any pictures yet because it's sort of a gift for someone. Just know that it will involve lots of oil paint due to the overwhelming amount of Turpenoid I was, sort of, scammed into buying on Friday..

And now that Joel's at work and I've successfully reached a point where I'm still willing to return to my pieces without maiming them first, I'm going to hit up Vulcan Video and find a dollar movie to watch with friends. 

There's something beautiful about being painfully broke and occasionally too self aware. Makes life and people more interesting, more joyful.  


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

There is great pain in all love..

Let me not start with apologies. I'm done with that part of my life. Let me just start and finish with what I do (did).  It's been almost a year since my last post. Fittingly, lots has happened in this time. For the sake of out of touch friends and family, I'll explain..
I'd say we had a decent winter. In January, my niece Paisley was born and our great friends/brother and sister in law, moved back to Mississippi with their sweet babe Ruby. In February, three of our dearest friends left Mississippi to live in Austin Tx. In March, my husband and I celebrated three years of marriage. April was kind of a blur. In May, I lived to see another year. We also visited our friends in Austin. June was another blurry month, I suppose. I guess in June we decided we liked Austin so much that we would move there. So I quit my job in July and moved to Texas... In the meantime, Joel hung back in Mississippi for a little while, and toured with these fine gentlemen. He was, in fact, a Golden Bicycle, traveling down that long lonesome road. All across the Northwest, landing in Austin..back to his wife and his dog.
So what I've decided is, well, I'm making an appointment with an admissions counselor in a few weeks at University of Texas in Austin. I'm going to get that fine arts degree I've been putting off for so long. Now, 'cause it's my turn. I've also got a little cash jar near the bed, saving up pennies for French lessons and a Parisian excursion. But shhhh, don't tell anyone.
So I spent a month living with my friends, finding a job, and getting to know the city. Then I found us a duplex to live in, up on a hill, with a 'janky' back porch, and a great view of downtown. Our neighbors were the most wonderful people , but they decided to up and leave for Germany. Bigger, better things is the motto for 2010, apparently.
Here's a look into the life of me, while wasting away at home, husbandless and/or without motivation to make anything..


I chased Millie's tail most nights. She was confused, but got the hang of it after a while.

This is the face that I make most days when driving down one way streets, just trying to read this map to get myself to a grocery store. But don't pitty me. Just let me make the face.

This is the coolest place in all of Austin. The Alamo Draft House.   Dollar movies are the best.

This book changed my life.  "There is great pain in all love, but we don't care, it's worth it"

Don't really know what else to say. Don't do no worryin' though, I'll have some photos soon of the slow progression I've made. Chipping away at the stones of art-making. Throwing fear and dread to the wayside. I'm on a launching pad.

a bientot!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hot or Not

Loobylu has a weekly Hot or Not list that I've been hankering to try out, so here it is! You can check out her fantastic site here as well as my friend Elise's here (a repeat offender) who introduced me to the wonderful world of blogging in the first place.

Homemade or  makeshift Christmas trees! My husband and I decided to make our own tree this year (although I do love the look and smell of a real Christmas tree). We thought it'd be fun and it saves a good bit of money.
A Very Esperanza Christmas was this weekend and it was awesome! Some of my very best friends played (Law School) and the band that my husband plays with (Johnny Bertram and the Golden Bicycles) dominated the crowd, especially when we all ran on stage to do a cover of Arcade Fire's "Wake Up".

I'm going to be visiting a lot of family this Christmas that I haven't seen in years. Time flies when you're growing up, but I'm very excited to reunite with them.

Lastly, but most definitely not least... The Jim Henson's Fantastic World exhibit at The Mississippi Museum of Art. I saw it today, and it was brilliant. Jim Henson is a visual genius, and he just so happens to be from the lovely state of Mississippi where I proudly currently reside.


We'll be traveling to New Orleans to see our families on Christmas day. Although I'm excited about seeing them, I hate the long stretch of flat land and bad highways almost as much as I hate having to sit still in a car for two and a half hours.

My body is so sore. It hurts to laugh. I'm finally using an ab roller I got for myself last year...pressing on...

My dearest friends are packing up and heading to Austin Texas in about a month. I'm trying to spend as much time as I can possibly handle with them before the big move.

Its been a rainy winter and my poor sweet puppy hasn't been able to enjoy what little back yard we have. I'm crossing my fingers for some good weather soon.

Aside from all the "nots" I have been thoroughly enjoying the holidays. Many many new years resolutions to come..