Monday, October 4, 2010

"Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town"

It's been tough times lately. Along with the usual feelings of relief, and the rumpus of all the holidays, Fall tends to bring along a little bit of nostalgic gloom and regret. But it's good for us, I suppose.

"Broke'' keeps knockin' on the front door, and never forgets to bring his friends, J.P. Morgan and Chase.  Working all the time, ain't got no time left to waste, I say. I'm also convinced that everyone who's ever worked in a screen printing shop must be severely affected by the amount of chemicals they're using, or else they wouldn't be so crazy. A jobs a job though, right?

Had to say goodbye to a dear friend this weekend. He's one of the best men I've ever met. An unrivaled soul, golden to its core. Sad times when he's gone, but we all know nothing can stay the same. 

Joel opened pandora's box the form of dozens of useless trinkets, empty cd cases, and a few misplaced treasures. Guess we can consider our house officially unpacked. 

I'm posting some pictures of a few things I've been working on, but bare with me, I'm using my iPhone. Haven't been able to get my hands on a good camera lately. *makes mental Christmas wishlist*

Been doing a little painting. Getting really frustrated, and wishing I had some old white guy peaking over my shoulder or slapping my hand with a rod. That would make it so much easier... I think. 

faceless humanoids and old wine bottles

Got this old violin case from a garage sale. Its got shiny velvet blue interior. Works a lot better than old coffee cans, I must say.

Found my late brother's highschool ring. It instigated lots of feelings. Unnecessary to discuss, but overwhelming, all the same.

On that note, congratulations to my sweet big brother who had a baby September 17th and named him after Dustin Ray. I love my family, all of them. In all there states and places and times. No one should take their families for granted. Your ill-treatments and heartaches are easily forgiven, so find kindness and pardon in your own hearts or you'll never know love.

Life's a strange, strange bird. And even sometimes, you're sitting with your friends and you look up at the night sky and see three bright phoenix's floating along and you wonder, of course.. or maybe you just don't know.

Keep listening to Pearl Jam and reading my blog. I've got lots more to say and show. 


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  1. Keep your engine going--fuel it, duel it.