Tuesday, November 10, 2009

1st Maker's Market

Well, I did my first Maker's Market in Oxford this weekend...and it was great! I sold some things, made some money, and met some really cool people. What more could you ask for?! Here are some pictures from the weekend (including some of my finished pieces that I never got a chance to show off before the market)

Me and my trusty companion Elise. Check out her stuff here.


"Save the postal service, write a letter" stationary and t-shirt line

Some votive candle holders.

Pretty ceramic bookends.


Pretty wooden bookends.

Most of this is gone, but I will definitely be working on these things and more ideas intensively. I thoroughly enjoyed my day in Oxford. I met some really sweet people and got to hang out with some of Mississippi's finest.  I'm also going to try to have some stuff out at Fondren Unwrapped (Jackson's annual arts festival) so watch out! More updates very soon.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday is the new Monday.

I'm currently trying to talk Joel into letting us get a puppy. I just don't know how our precious little feline would like it...should I try anyway?

That is besides any relevant point..Today, on the other hand, has much to tell....

My day started here, after I carefully transported all of my ceramics to be fired in Belhaven's studio, sometime in the early morning.

And it started to wrap up here..sometime in the very late evening.

Now, in between all of this time, I managed to burn a few fingers, put in a few hours at work, make two trips to the local hardware store, and spill an entire can of wood stain all over my back deck. Thankfully, there's not much more damage you can do to that deck. And luckily, our neighbor and friend Istvan showed up just in time with a bottle of some Greek licorice liquor.


Now we're finally getting somewhere.

And more big plans for this one as well... lamp? maybe, we'll see.

All that to say, well..not much intended really. Just another update.
I'm hoping that tomorrow will not take as big a toll on my lower back.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

wailing and nailing

As I am typing right now, I cannot feel the keys beneath my finger tips. This is because there is such a think layer of wood glue all over my hands that I cannot seem to get off! At least I have alittle something to show for it though. Here are some of the things I have worked on this week..

Right now I am working with wood panels, wood blocks, and thin aluminum sheets to create little cityscapes. This peice is more on the sculptural/decorative side. And of course this is the very beginning stages, so I will have more pictures up of the progress soon.

I cut all these with a hand saw and miter box. In fact, the only electrical tools I've used is a sander and a nail gun.

Epic failure. Me and this nail gun kinda got into a fight. Pressing on!

More book ends..still trying to figure these guys out.

This week I will be able to fire all of my ceramics and glaze them, stain and paint my wood buildings, and put up more pictures of the actual finished products. So watch out!

In other news..I thoroughly enjoyed the two pre-Halloween parties my husband and I attended as an owl and a fox, although we were too tired to actually do anything on Halloween night. Which means I didn't get a chance to show off my second costume...I guess Andrew W. K. will have to wait for next year. Either way, I'm so glad it's November.