Sunday, January 9, 2011

Millie takes a Walkies

Would it be really cheesy if I started this post by saying, wow I haven't blogged since last year? Guess it's too late now. 
I'll be honest and say that I don't feel like 2k10 was as productive for me as I'd hoped, artistically at least. But I have made some strides towards goals that have been looming like dark rain clouds over my head. Can't see any light yet, but the hope of light is good enough for me.  We moved to Austin, I'm applying to school, and making plans to travel and see the world. I'm breathing in as much of life as possible.  I'm also completely avoiding making any new years resolutions. Those are not for me. I do what I do and change when I please, or in the extreme case of needing to. I'm trying to be a YES person. *snickers at the cliche and absurdity*. 
Joel and I ended last year with a little Christmas present gift/project for all of our good friends and family. This was something we thought of on a whim. And it kind of shows that we executed it on a whim as well..but we think it's really cool and was a lot of fun. It's a stop motion animation of a girl with a dog head named Millie. Joel wrote the music and recorded it. He invited our good friend and Cellist to accompany his guitar part and wrote a beautiful and simple song. I came up with "Millie" by not so cleverly drawing our dog, who coincidentally is named Millie, and putting her head on a girls body. She's meant to be an awkwardly tall and lanky lad, but for some reason has been mistaken for a pregnant woman by a few people. She is pencil and ink on card stock paper, and not so neatly sewn together with needle and thread. I created the doll and took the sequence of photographs, and Joel did all of the film editing. We didn't have much time, as we were trying to finish this to present as a gift to our families by Christmas. We used a cheap digital camera and free film software from the internet, so it's a little squashed and distorted, but made with lots of love. We fully intend on sending Millie out into the world, and making more and more stop animations with her. I'm thinking a life size foam board Millie goes to the big city.. But I'll talk more about that another time.
Here's a few photos of the drawings and a you tube link to the video.

 At first we were going to film her on this lamp shade. But it didn't really work out, so we used the hardwood floor instead. Only a minor set back, but I'm thinking we'll do something with this is the future.

I was going to draw each position individually. But then I learned that that would be ridiculous so I made a version of her that would have movable joints. Thus the sewing.

Here is a link to the video on youtube. 

I hope you enjoy this. We had a lot of fun making it together. We are so lucky to be a husband and wife that can create and collaborate together. Here is a link to Joel's tumblr where he will soon be posting music scores, recordings, and projects he is working on himself. Hidden Hymnal. I hope that this year brings love and creativity to all of you.