Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hot or Not

Loobylu has a weekly Hot or Not list that I've been hankering to try out, so here it is! You can check out her fantastic site here as well as my friend Elise's here (a repeat offender) who introduced me to the wonderful world of blogging in the first place.

Homemade or  makeshift Christmas trees! My husband and I decided to make our own tree this year (although I do love the look and smell of a real Christmas tree). We thought it'd be fun and it saves a good bit of money.
A Very Esperanza Christmas was this weekend and it was awesome! Some of my very best friends played (Law School) and the band that my husband plays with (Johnny Bertram and the Golden Bicycles) dominated the crowd, especially when we all ran on stage to do a cover of Arcade Fire's "Wake Up".

I'm going to be visiting a lot of family this Christmas that I haven't seen in years. Time flies when you're growing up, but I'm very excited to reunite with them.

Lastly, but most definitely not least... The Jim Henson's Fantastic World exhibit at The Mississippi Museum of Art. I saw it today, and it was brilliant. Jim Henson is a visual genius, and he just so happens to be from the lovely state of Mississippi where I proudly currently reside.


We'll be traveling to New Orleans to see our families on Christmas day. Although I'm excited about seeing them, I hate the long stretch of flat land and bad highways almost as much as I hate having to sit still in a car for two and a half hours.

My body is so sore. It hurts to laugh. I'm finally using an ab roller I got for myself last year...pressing on...

My dearest friends are packing up and heading to Austin Texas in about a month. I'm trying to spend as much time as I can possibly handle with them before the big move.

Its been a rainy winter and my poor sweet puppy hasn't been able to enjoy what little back yard we have. I'm crossing my fingers for some good weather soon.

Aside from all the "nots" I have been thoroughly enjoying the holidays. Many many new years resolutions to come..



  1. some more make-shift christmas trees!

  2. Drawing a giant christmas tree to put on the wall is something my family did for its earliest Christmasse or so I've been told (It never happened when I was old enough to remember). Anyways, I figure it would be fun to make a tradition out if it, even if we sometimes uy a real tree. To make this one we had to delibrately spend time togther over a few days sitting on the floor, talking and carefully coordinating slivers of wrapping paper. (All this while watching Millenium). I thinks it was a healthy excercise.

  3. I adore that tree! what a fabulous idea and I think would make lovely (if a little down scaled) centerpieces or mantle displays!